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Welcome. So what is an alcohol home detox? It is basically removing all the alcohol from a persons body. In this case, it is to remove all the alcohol from someone’s body in a medically safe way. But do not panic. We do this only using pills. So no injections etc. We monitor our clients all the way through their alcohol home detox. Our detox nurse will be in continuous contact with the client and the person who is supervising them. You will never be on your own, and we carry on  helping you even after the detox has finished.

How long does it take – Welcome

Our alcohol home detox program takes between 7 and 14 days depending how much the client is drinking. In most cases around 10 days. The reason it takes this amount of time is because we want the client to remain comfortable though out the whole process.

For more details or to book an alcohol home detox

Telephone: 07811 606 606

All call are strictly confidential

How much does it cost – Welcome

The cost of our program is £1,295 and is the most supported alcohol home detox in the UK. Nobody offers the same level of support as this is because your safety is paramount to us.

Can anyone have an alcohol home detox

The answer is NO. Not everyone can have an alcohol home detox. But don’t worry. If you cannot have a home detox then you can come into one of our residential rehab centres. These are now very affordable. For full details of our alcohol home detox program, do go to our in detail page on this website.

What medication do we use

The medication we use for our alcohol home detox is the exact medication we use in our residential rehab centres. And the exact medication used by all the top residential rehab centres throughout the UK for alcohol addiction. There are no injections. The medication is in pill form only.

Contact us

We are here all the time, so do call us. This is the start of your journey of getting well, and more to the point, getting your life back. Our team want to help you. They have all been were you are now. And they have all got out of the other side. Call us now on Tel: 07811 606 606. We are open now.