Alcohol home detox UK
Alcohol home detox UK

START your alcohol home detox TODAY

If you are drinking 2 bottles of wine a day, or more, or spirts and it is getting out of control. You would benefit having an alcohol home detox. We offer the most supported home detox program available in the UK. The best time to start your alcohol home detox is now. Totally Confidential -Nothing will go on your medical records.  We offer an affordable safe, comfortable medical Alcohol home detox program. Each alcohol home detox is tailored to the individual client.

Start Today – Alcohol Home Detox 

Our price is a fixed price with no hidden extras, and that is the total you pay. All our home detox programs are staffed and run by experienced, qualified registered and  independent nurse prescribers. This means there is no need to involve your doctor, and everything stays totally confidential. This also means nothing will appear on your medical records which could effect such things as life insurance, medical insurance, pensions etc etc.

For more details or to book an alcohol home detox

Telephone: 07811 606 606

All call are strictly confidential

How does it work

  • Our nurse will phone you at home, to make sure an alcohol home detox is appropriate for you.
  • They will then carry out a telephone assessment.
  • The next stage is for our nurse to visit you at your home.
  •  Our nurse will them administer your medication, and your detox can start.
  • Available anywhere in the UK.

Will I get any support 

Yes, you will receive a high level of support throughout your detox period. This includes:

  • A minimum of 4 phone calls a day during medication times.
  • You get a 24 hour help line number back to our nurses, so at no point are you on your own.
  • All at one affordable price.

We also offer live in nurses, if you need them. This is a separate service and does carry an extra cost. Call our team for details of this service. You can contact our team 24 hours a day on Tel: 0845 3881 543. We look forward to all the calls we get, and everyone of us can and will help you.

You may be pleased to know Home detox UK

Here at Cetox we respect how hard it is to take that first step and make that call, but you may be pleased to know that all our team have been in exactly the same place as you are in now, and fully understand where you are coming from. We are none judgemental, and our only aim is to get you well, and free you from your addiction.

All our calls are treated in the strictest of confidence, and we never record any telephone conversation, and we never share your details with a third party. All we are interested in is getting you or a loved one well.

Our alcohol home detox program is set at one price. There is NO VAT to pay, NO hidden extras, and it makes NO difference where you live. It is still the same set price. The reason we are able to offer this service at one fixed price, is because we employed only highly qualified detox nurses throughout the UK, and you may be pleased to know that there is always a detox nurse near you.

Residential Rehab Centre Offers

A home detox is not for everyone, so we have added some special offers for clients considering residential rehab. These offers are the cheapest in the UK, and these centres have an 85% long term success rate for long term abstinence form substance abuse.

Home Detox

Alcohol Home Detox Programmes. All of our nurses are at the top of their field for addiction treatment, and all have many years experience. By using Cetox Healthcare for your alcohol home detox, nothing will appear on your medical record as everything is totally confidential. Cetox Healthcare offers the most supported alcohol home detox anywhere in the UK. All our nurses are trained and qualified in the UK. Our alcohol home detox is extremely safe and comfortable. You will not be craving for alcohol., and we will make you well.